Abstrakt It

Abstrakt It is a technical paper abstract writing competition conducted by BMSCE IEEE during the annual collegiate technical symposium PhaseShift 2016.

Abstrakt it was conceived to give experience of paper abstract / summary writing to introduce students to the skills of reading and summarising technical papers.

This was followed by a brief workshop to serve as an introduction to writing technical papers and the skills required to write technical papers by Venkatesh M.

Mr. Venkatesh M and Mrs. Meghana were the judges for competition.
We had a total of 24 registrations (with a registration fee of ₹100). In the first round we randomly gave people computer generated fake papers from SciGen (https://pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen/) and fake sounding real papers from arXiv (after playing a few rounds of arXiv vs. snarXiv http://snarxiv.org/vs-arxiv/ ). Participants had to identify whether the given paper was fake or real and justify their reasons.

In round 2, participants were given a Internet of Things (keeping in mind, the theme of Phase Shift 2016) related paper with the title, abstract, introduction, conclusion and other parts not printed. The participants had to write a suitable abstract and this was judged.

In round one, the winner was Suhas G, and the runner up was Santosh. In round two, the winner was Tarun Malhotra and runner up was Lakshmi TV from RVCE. The event was coordinated by Pranav S Bijapur and Vidhya T.

Round 2 winners were given prize money of ₹1000 and ₹750. All the winners were given IEEE goodies and winner certificates. The event was sponsored by IEEE SSIT for an amount of ₹10000 for this event and others.

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