Arduino Workshop

BMSCE IEEE Student Branch conducted a one-day hands-on workshop on “Arduino” which was held on the 2nd of February 2018 from 3pm to 6pm. The event was publicized through social media messages. The venue of the event was BSN Hall located on the ground floor of the PG Block. A total number of 59 enthusiastic participants attended the workshop which included both IEEE Members and non-members. The workshop was free for IEEE Members and Rs 200 for non members.

The workshop facilitator was a third year Electronics and Electrical student, Mr Rohit Shrothrium, who is well-versed with the technology of Arduino.

The workshop began with the installation of the pre-downloaded Arduino software (Arduino 1.8.5) on the participants’ systems. Following this, a presentation was given to introduce the purpose of using Arduino. The topics covered in this presentation were microprocessors, microcontrollers, internal organization of computers, memory systems, Von Neumann Architecture, Harvard Architecture, Atmel 32A Architecture and Pin Out for Atmel AtMega 32. The participants were then divided into groups of 5 and one Arduino Set was given per group. Each Arduino Set consisted of an Arduino, a bread-board, male and female pins, LCDs and LEDs, resistors, capacitors and a potentiometer. Using the given Ardunio Set, three experiments were taught and conducted by the participants namely, interfacing LCD display with Arduino, interfacing basic Input-Output Devices with Arduino and interfacing Servo Motor with Arduino.


Mr Rohit Shrothrium, a 3rd year student of the EEE department


The participants gave a very positive feedback and even requested for another such workshop to be conducted. Ultimately, the workshop was a grand success.

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