Control Systems Workshop

Control Systems Workshop was conducted by BMSCE IEEE in association with the Department of The Electrical and Electronics and TEQIP III on 18th April ,19th April and 20th April 2018. The venue of the talk was Library Auditorium, MESH Hall and the timings were from 10 AM to 5 PM. Every student was supposed to bring their laptop. A folder containing notepad and pen was provided to everyone. The meals were taken care of by the college. Online Registration Link was provided to register. A total of 56 students participated in this event from various departments such as EEE, EIE, ECE and ME out of which 34 were IEEE and 22 were NON-IEEE members.

The resource person for the session was Prof. Rajesh Jose Abraham from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram(IIST). His knowledge and experience merge together and a well versed, educative lecture is what the students received. On the first day of the session (18th April 2018) the following topics were covered: Introduction to Electrical and Mechanical Systems, Laplace Transforms, Block Diagrams and Transfer functions. Simplification of Block Diagrams. Derivation of transfer function from block diagrams, Electrical Circuits and Mechanical systems. Conversion of transfer functions into other forms like Pole Zero and State Space Variable form and vice versa. Stability Analysis for different input responses for first and Second Order systems. Calculation of Transient Response Specifications. Each and every topic was mathematically understood and the code was written on MATLAB for quick implementation.

On the Second day of the session (19th April 2018)- R-H criteria method of stability Analysis, Bode Plot Stability Analysis topics were covered. On the Third day of the session (20th April 2018)- Pole Zero Plot, Nyquist plot topics were covered. The students were enlightened about the design and development of control systems and were introduced to to simulation software used to build and evaluate the stability of the system. All the sessions were hands on.


Prof. Rajesh Jose Abraham from Indian institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram (IIST)


The feedback suggested that the students were curious to know more about Control System Engineering and apply the knowledge they gained to real world applications

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