Docker And Containerization Workshop

The Protocol Club of the CS Department conducted the 'Docker and Containerization Workshop' from 15th -16th January, 2018 in the CSE Lab. A total of around 20 people attended the workshop. The resource person for this workshop was Mr. Purbid Bambroo who is currently in 3rd Year of CSE Department. It was a hands-on workshop targeted mainly at students looking to grasp basic concepts of Dockers and Containerization.

On the first day, introduction to Dockers and containers was done. A clear explanation was given for the reason to learn Dockers and containers and how they have an edge over other such similar virtual services. Installation was lucidly explained in steps and the given Ubuntu file was installed onto the systems with the help of existing Oracle virtual box software in the systems.

On the second day, students gained an insight on working with Dockers by script commands using the terminal. Pulling of some existing images like SQL and WordPress were taught. New images were created and pushed by students which reflected the outcome of the workshop. By the end of the workshop students were familiar with working on virtual box as well. They could also use Docker efficiently to create virtual machines and work with them comfortably.


Purbid Bambroo, a student currently in 3rd Year of CSE Department


1. Purbid Bambroo
2. Ayush Pant


The feedback for the workshop in general was positive. Students also mentioned they’d like to have such workshops in the future.

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