Introducing to BMSCE IEEE at Freshers Orientation

From 12th-14th August, 2017, BMS College of Engineering had its first year inauguration. As part of the event, Prashant Agarwal, Chairman of BMSCE IEEE student branch gave a talk on BMSCE IEEE, on the 14th, to create awareness about IEEE to the incoming batch of students.

More than 500 fresher students attended the orientation. As is the tradition, the gathering was addressed by the dignitaries of the college, the Principal, the Vice Principal, and the Dean of first years.

This time in the orientation, BMSCE IEEE had a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the event as well. Our chairman addressed the gathering and gave a brief presentation about BMSCE IEEE and its various accomplishments. He then highlighted some of the key events that the student branch had previously conducted, including quiz competitions, paper presentations, an e-waste collection drive, an entrepreneurship boot camp, and industrial visits among others. He also mentioned some notable workshops that were conducted on topics including Linux, LaTex, Raspberry Pi, Big Data, Android, LabView and Solar Energy to list a few.

He also got the audience interested by listing a few events that BMSCE IEEE plans on conducting in the coming term, including Quantum Computing, Ethical Hacking, Web Development, Image Processing, Game Development, VR, AI and EMBS events as well.

There was also a brief introduction to IEEE’s flagship event, IEEE Xtreme, a 24 hour, exclusive global coding competition. Following this was a brief talk about one of BMSCE IEEE’s most sought after initiatives, the Special Interest Groups (SIG). Prashant formally introduced the list of SIGs for the coming year, including six new SIGs that were introduced that term. To list a few, 3D Modelling and Printing, Python, Aerodynamics, AVR, Arduino, Machine Learning and Cyber Security.

BMSCE IEEE ended its presentation with a promise of two surprise events and a lot of new activities this year. The new batch was visibly excited and intrigued to know what we had in store for them this year. It was a very rewarding interaction.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”

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