Game Development Workshop

A hands-on workshop on “GAME DEVELOPMENT” was conducted on the 1st,2nd and 4th of February 2017 under BMSCE IEEE Student Branch. The event was held in the MESH HALL. The workshop was free for IEEE members and the registration fees for NON-IEEE members was Rs. 100. The spam message for the event was sent through social media in which online registration link was provided. The students registered online and the link was closed at a count of 30. Interested students from various departments registered for the event.

The resource person for the session was Mr. Samarth G, a 3rd year student of the Information Science and Engineering department, BMSCE who has a keen interest as well as skill in game development. The workshop started with the installation of UNITY GAME ENGINE and ANDROID SDK COMMAND LINE TOOLS. Participants were taught to use the software and design a 3D version clone of the “2 CARS” game from ketchapp.

The workshop was divided into worksets, each containing a number of tasks. The speaker first introduced the working environment of the UNITY GAME ENGINE, explaining the basic features and settings. Next, the 2D environment was created using buttons, placing them appropriately in a well-defined layout. Custom key was added to these buttons, made by the speaker himself. Then, 3D models were added. Lastly the coding logic was implemented in the language C# to move the cars forward and dodging the obstacles and to create an infinite track system. All the code, music, art and other assets was done from scratch. Participants were expected to have adequate knowledge on OOP paradigm or any OOP language.


Mr. Samarth G, a 3rd year student of the ISE department


Online feedback was taken at the end of the session and the certificates of participation were issued to all participants. The event was successful and the participants developed a great interest in game development.

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