Git And Heroku Workshop

The workshop on Git and Heroku was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, 30th and 31st of January 2018 under BMSCE IEEE Student Branch from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The workshop was free for IEEE members and the registration fees for NON-IEEE members was Rs. 150.

The speaker for the event was Mr. Saurabh Chheda, currently in 3rd year of engineering in Information Science and Engineering. Saurabh has previously given a talk on Git and has worked on projects based on Git. His knowledge about software and operating systems is worth appreciating.

The workshop was held at the BSN Hall and witnessed 50 participants. Participants were helped with the installation of the software. The first day focused on Git. Mr. Saurabh gave an introduction to Git and its applications. He went on to explain various commands in Git and the event witnessed active participation.

On the second day, the speaker revised the Git commands and moved on to Heroku. Participants created accounts on Heroku and learnt to use Heroku from scratch. By the end of the session, they succeeded in making a basic webpage. Then, Saurabh showed a few pages created by him previously. Additional material was given to the participants to help pursue their interest in the field.


Mr. Saurabh Chheda, 3rd year student of ISE Department


The feedback we received at the end of the event was positive with students wanting more of such events to be conducted.

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