IEEE Day 2018

BMSCE IEEE, in association with the various college student clubs, hosted IEEE Day on the 9th of October 2018, staying true to the spirit of Innovation while offering students an opportunity to enjoy themselves participating in events, or to sit back and relax, watching the performances of their peers. The event was publicised through social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp through official BMSCE IEEE accounts. The medley of events and performances took off at 1 p.m., inaugurated by Dr.Raviskankar Deekshit, Dean (Student Affairs) at the iconic C-Bench in college and the festivities were sponsored by Stories.

Events and Competitions:

  • This was followed by the commencement of festivities, led by an Open Mic at the C-Bench, which progressed until 3:45 PM. Students witnessed varied performances ranging from guitar solos and singing to stand-up routines. This was complemented by various stalls offering fun games, as well as a hearty chugging of energy drinks.
  • The flagship event hosted by BMSCE IEEE, The Science of Deduction, saw participation in large numbers. Over 150 students took part in this enjoyable murder mystery with multiple twists. This being the flagship event, attracted the largest crowds and most enthusiastic participation.
  • Pentagram, the Mathematics society, on occasion of IEEE day, hosted the event, On the go, It's Bingo, attracting a participation of over 50. The event was a literal numbers game and saw participants hungering for more.
  • Respawn, the Gaming Club of BMSCE, hosted a gaming tournament, PUBG Mobile, for all the gaming enthusiasts of the college. The PUBG Mobile tournament saw an attendance of over 150 participants, hosting one of the most enthusiastic crowds of the day.
  • BMSCE IEEE, in collaboration with Inksanity, the Literary Society of BMSCE, hosted Devil's Advocate, a debating event with a twist. Participants were given stances ranging from absurd to downright outrageous and asked to defend them in the most entertaining way possible. The event saw about 20 participants and a large audience.
  • The photography club of BMSCE organised a Photography Contest to cover the ongoing festivities and events within the campus. Enthusiastic shutterbugs joined in and the event saw a participation of 10.
  • The BMSCE Quiz Club, on occasion of IEEE day, hosted a General Quiz.The event saw a participation of over 40, in teams of two and three. Both, experienced college quizzers and enthusiastic novice teams took part in an enjoyable quest to get their grey cells buzzing.

The events were followed by a medley of performances to enthrall a wide audience, consisting of an impromptu jamming session by Ninaad, the Eastern music club, followed by The Groove house, the western music club. Pravrutthi, the Theatre team of BMSCE, put up an amusing and entertaining performance. The Dance clubs of BMSCE, Paramvah, the Eastern Dance Team and Danz Addix, the Western Dance Team, joined in with an amazing display of coordination and choreography. The winners of the various events and competitions were awarded vouchers worth ₹1000 from Stories, along with certificates for both winners and participants.

Along with large participation for the events, IEEE Day also witnessed a huge volunteering group. Students from various departments of the college volunteered to pull off the celebration and make it a grand success. IEEE Day was celebrated with all the grandeur and was a huge success. The Day’s festivities will be remembered for its fun-loving and enjoyable atmosphere.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”