IEEE Orientation

BMSCE IEEE student branch conducted its Orientation on August 19th, 2017 at the Library Auditorium between 1:30pm to 5pm. The Orientation was open to students of all departments.

A total count of more than 250 students attended the orientation, most of whom were freshers of BMSCE, and were curious about IEEE and wanted to get involved with something technical during their engineering course. There was a huge propaganda about the event due to class to class campaigning by the team and that is a huge attribute in the overwhelming turn out of participants.

The entire gathering was addressed by executive committee members of the student branch. Branch counselor Dr. Suma M N, Branch Mentor DR. K P Laxmi, Vice Principal Dr. Ravishankar, and EMBS mentor Abhishek Appaji also shared their valuable time in addressing the gathering.

After the addresses by the dignitaries, the orientation took a fun twist during an interaction with Prashant Agarwal, Chairman of BMSCE IEEE student branch.

Saurabh Chheda gave the brief introduction about all SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) including Python, AVR, Aero, Cyber Security, Machine learning, 3D printing, and 3D Modeling. This was followed by a brief technical quiz and we witnessed tremendous enthusiasm from the audience.

After this, Prashant Agarwal gave a run through of IEEE, the various events, workshops and seminars conducted in the past, and the events that the team has planned for the current term. He also highlighted one of IEEE’s flagship events, IEEE Xtreme, a 24 hour global coding competition.

We aimed at providing an overall view of the activities and opportunities associated with BMSCE IEEE to those present. Our Branch Counsellor and Branch Mentor also gave their opinion on the benefits of IEEE and advised the students. At end of the orientation, executive members shared their experiences and memories, along with benefits provided by IEEE.

The Executive committee found a lot of students excited about joining the organization and was bombarded with a lot of doubts at the end of the event. All in all, it seemed the event was a huge success, and BMSCE IEEE successfully educated and informed the budding engineers, of the opportunities and possibilities that it holds for their futures.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”

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