IEEEXtreme 9.0

IEEEXtreme is a 24 hour online coding competition, within which a worldwide community of college and university students enjoy an engaging set of unique programming challenges. It is organized by IEEE Computer Society in odd semester all around the world. This year IEEEXtreme 9.0 was conducted on 24th Oct 2015 (24 Oct, 5:30 AM - 25 Oct, 5:30 AM).

20 Teams (60 Participant) participated in this competition from our college. We provided venue for the other teams also where this event was not organized. Each team had 3 members with unique team name.

The venue was prepared the day before the event and all the facilities like internet, water, snacks, Red Bulls were arranged.

The event started at 5:30 AM, October 24, 2015 in FDC Hall. All the teams were very excited and reached the venue early in morning. We had set-up the internet connections and introduced the rules of IEEEXtreme and volunteers helped all those who were facing difficulties in Hackerrank environment.

In the evening snacks (Tea, coffee and biscuits) were provided. Pizzas were ordered from Pizza Hut for dinner in night.

The girls were not allowed to say in night. 12 teams stayed overnight. Later in night Red Bulls were given to keep them active. Again tea, coffee and cold drinks were served in night. The competition finally got over at 5:30 AM October 25, 2015.

The best rank from our college, BMSCE was 326 (India Rank 20) by Shrenik and his team. All the teams left by 6 AM and the venue was cleaned and locked. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and overall it came as a fresh experience for everyone.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”