MTA: Security Fundamentals

BMSCE IEEE conducted a 10 day long Microsoft Technology Associate certified training program on Security Essentials in association with The Mathitis Society from 4th June 2018- 14th June 2018. The timings of the event was from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. And the venue was BSN Hall, BMSCE.

The program included:

  • Hands-on experience.
  • Mini Project
  • Internship Letter from TMS
  • Certificates

The details of the event were sent across to the entire college as well as different colleges of Bangalore through spam messages, gif and video. Also, class to class campaigning took place. The price for the event was Rs 5000 for IEEE Members and Rs 5500 for NON-IEEE Members. Early bird discounts were also available for the benefit of the participants. The total count of participants that took part in this training program was 48 of which 31 were IEEE Members and 17 were Non IEEE members.

The Trainer was a Microsoft trainee named Gautam Kamath who has a course specialization in Cyber Security. The event coordinators were Shreeguro Shreshti, Chairman BMSCE IEEE SB, Nitesh Shrivats, Student activities Coordinator, BMSCE IEEE SB, Aniruddh Akella from TMS and Nithin Babu, on spot event manager from TMS. We also had about 5 volunteers who played a major role in the smooth conduction of the event.

The course started with the fundamentals of security, why it is important and the future scope of it. Then, the security layers were explained:

  • Core Security Principle
  • Physical Security
  • Internet Security
  • Wireless Security

Then the program continued to Operating System Security which included the topics:

  • User Authentication
  • Permission
  • Password Policies
  • Audit Policies
  • Encryption

The next topic that was covered was Network security and the intricacies related to it.

  • Dedicated firewall
  • Network Isolation
  • Protocol Security

The last main topic to be covered was Security software. Protection from hackers and crackers, leaks, ways to do it, server protection,email protection and client protection. All these aspects were touched and explained.

The program had various mini projects to help understand the concepts in a better way. The program ended with students being given a small test, a photo session for fond memories and lunch afterwards. Also, a major project was given to interested participants which would serve as an internship letter for them.


Gautam Kamath, certified Microsoft Trainer who has a course specialization in Cyber Security


Participants approached BMSCE IEEE with request of holding further industry oriented programs of this sort.

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