PCB Designing Workshop

BMSCE IEEE Student Branch conducted a two-day hands-on workshop on “PCB Designing” which was held on 23rd and 24th January 2018 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. It was publicized through social media and posters around the college. The venue of the event was EE 6003 which enabled us to accommodate an enthusiastic crowd of 72 people. The workshop was free for IEEE members and the registration fees for NON- IEEE members was Rs 100.

The speaker of the event was Mr. Arfan, 3rd year student of EEE Department who possesses a keen interest as well as skill in PCB Designing.

The workshop started with the installation of Diptrace software in every participant’s laptop. They were taught to use the software and design their own virtual circuits using different diodes, switches etc. according to the necessity. The designed circuits were sent to Arfan who got them printed on OHP Sheets. This marked the end of first day. The next day was dedicated to making the final PCB. Copper plates and the printed circuits were distributed to the students. They were first asked to clean the copper plates using sand paper and the printed circuit was placed on top of it. With the help of Iron box, the ink from the OHP sheet was transferred onto the copper plate. After that a solution of Ferrous Chloride and water was made and the copper plates were immersed in it until the excess copper was removed. Lastly, hand drilling was done and PCB was created.


Mr. Arfan, 3rd year student of EEE Department


Ultimately, all the participants returned home happily as proud owners of a PCB designed and created on their own. The event was a huge success.

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