Talk by Parshva Bavishi

BMSCE IEEE in association with IEEE UVCE and IEEE Young Professionals society organized a talk by Parshva Bavishi on the 5th of August, 2015. Parshva Bavishi is a product specialist within IEEE Member and Geographic Activities board and came in with an impressive portfolio that drew students from various engineering colleges as well as young professionals from across Bangalore to attend this talk.

Parshva focussed on the student benefits and long term benefits of being an IEEE member. He began by talking about his experience working for IEEE Xtreme, the global programming competition. He moved on to providing valuable insights into how a student volunteer who immerses himself in IEEE activities can further his interest in various domains such as technical, managerial, education, etc. The next focus of his talk was career benefits and how we could make the most of tools such as IEEE ResumeLab, MentorCentre and Jobsite in enhancing our employment opportunities. A detailed discussion on IEEE's own in-house research, collaboration and networking platform- Collabratec was followed by a Q&A session that the student members, especially the office bearers of the various student branches, made the most of.

We were also joined by BMSCE faculty, who are also active IEEE members, Dr. P Meena, Dr. H.N. Suma and Mr. Abhishek Appaji. The different Student Branch representatives got to indulge in a brief networking session which was followed by Tea.

All in all, the talk helped us form a clear picture of the specific tools that we as IEEE members could make the most of, among the vast ocean of IEEE resources, which most of us had either little awareness of, or did not know how to utilize. It also facilitated fruitful interactions of the student members from different colleges with the speaker and among themselves.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”