Rescue Mission Hackathon

Rescue Mission Hackathon was organised by BMSCE IEEE in collaboration with Protocol as part of PhaseShift, the national annual technical symposium of BMSCE.

The Hackathon was held in the CSE Lab on the 16th of September, 2018. It witnessed a participation of 44, 28 IEEE Members and 16 Non - IEEE Members. The question for the Hackathon was designed by K Nitesh Srivats, 2nd year student of CSE. The question was designed keeping in mind the theme for this edition of PhaseShift, “Space Systems”.

The participants were given a Git repository that contained data sets of a scale down version of celestial objects. They were required to simulate 3-Dimensional Space for a period of 365 days.

The competition saw enthusiastic participation. Amateurs and professionals, both participated and coded to the end of 4 hours. Winners of the competition were awarded with prize money and everyone was given participation certificates.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”