Raspberry Pi Workshop

The workshop on Raspberry Pi was conducted on 11th and 12th November 2016 with an aim of exposing engineering undergraduate students to various technologies around Raspberry Pi computers. The workshop was a hands on workshop and each group of 3 students were given Raspberry Pi with other accessories and sensors to work with for the two days. The topics covered were Linux fundamentals, Python programming and using it to program the Raspberry Pi, SSH, HTML and web servers.

The Raspberry Pi computers were procured by BMSCE IEEE and are a part of the initiative to encourage mini projects among students. Hands on was from the very beginning, including burning the Raspbian OS onto an SD card to run the Pi.

The following topics were covered:
1) Introduction to Raspberry Pi and technical specifications.
2) Setting up the Raspberry Pi and accessing it through SSH.
3) Introduction to Linux and BASH.
4) Introduction to Python.
5) Introduction to web servers with sample HTML scripts.
6) Introduction of GPIO with python GPIO library and interfacing with different input devices.

The workshop was conducted by:
Anil.B.S – BMS College of Engineering
Sughosh Vasudev Indurkar – BMS College of Engineering
Shashank.K.S – Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering

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