Alternate Universe, The Astronomy Society of BMS College Of Engineering in association with BMSCE IEEE conducted TARDIS during the two day annual technical symposium, PhaseShift 2016.

The Event TARDIS was an Astronomy quiz which was conducted on 23.09.2016 between 11 AM and 1 PM in EE 6003 (PG block). Ankit G and Diksha Shukla served as Event Coordinators for this event along with 5 volunteers. This event was restricted to teams of two people and comprised of three rounds.

The First round (Big Bang) was a Crossword round where the respective teams were asked to solve the given Crossword in the stipulated time and the quickest entries made it to the second round. 13 teams could make it to the second round.

The second round (Guardians of the Galaxy) was a Visual round where in the questions were displayed on the big screen. This round remained active for an hour and the top 4 teams made it to the last round.

The third round (Oblivion) was a Riddle solving round and a Rapid fire round as well. Initially, the final teams were given Riddles to solve and then the Rapid fire round was conducted.

The Winners were
1. An intercollegiate team of Jayanth and Preetham Upadhya from RVCE and PESU respectively.
2. Anand and Aasheesh from BMSCE
Certificate of appreciation was handed over to both the teams.
Total of 29 teams(2 members per team) had turned up for the event.
The Registration fees was Rs. 50 and the Winning amount was Rs. 1000 for first place and Rs.500 for second place.

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