Talk On Technical Paper Writing

As a part of PhaseShift 2018, BMSCE IEEE conducted a workshop on technical paper writing on the 16th of September, 2018 at the MESH Hall of BMSCE. The event began at 1pm and proceeded on till 4pm. The workshop fee for IEEE members was Rs 100/- and for Non-IEEE members was Rs 150/-.

Publicity for this workshop saw social media communiqués, posters spread across the college campus and a series of campaigns most of which was divided between multiple classes. The workshop attracted an exceeding participation, hosting about 42 participants, 25 of which were IEEE members and 17 were NON-IEEE Members.

The speaker of the workshop was Mr. Abhishek M Appaji. Mr. Appaji is the current Chairperson of IEEE Young Professionals, Bangalore section. Apart from his exceptional education, Mr. Appaji has 14 journal publications along with being a speaker at over 30 National and 7 International presentations. The event began with an interactive session by Mr. Appaji which engaged the crowd who were bound in rapt attention through the entire event. This proceeded onto a real-world understanding of a technical paper, the realities of which could only be taught through experience.

Through the next couple of hours, teachings of the factors as those of prestige, review time, peer pressure, indexing and so on that guide technical paper writing were brought to light by means of multiple presentations accompanied with examples. The final session was a unique hands-on session that gave an insight to both the ability to research and avoidance of plagiarism.

The workshop was deemed a success by the participants whose reviews stated that it was a “true learning opportunity “ and provided them with “a new direction”.


Mr. Abhishek M Appaji, Chairperson of IEEE Young Professionals, Bangalore section

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