Treasure Hunt

BMSCE IEEE student branch conducted a Treasure Hunt on August 17th, 2017 at the campus of BMS College of engineering during the lunch break. The event was open for freshers of the college.

A total count of more than 500 students participated as groups of 4 members each. Information about the workshop was circulated through WhatsApp messages, class to class campaigning and Facebook posts.

The idea of organizing this technical treasure hunt was to give the freshers a very brief idea about the events conducted by the IEEE and encourage them to join IEEE.

The entire Treasure hunt was planned by the Executive Committee members of the student branch. Six Raspberry Pi’s were hidden at the carefully chosen places and the participants were provided clues so they can gets to the location of Pi’s.

Each Raspberry Pi was coded such that people can connect to it and download a file that contained encrypted code, which they have to decrypt to get the final message. Or they could can a QR code.

The event was extremely successful with an overwhelming number of participants. The first 10 teams to finish were given free gift coupons from Smaaash and top 3 teams were given free entry to an Ethical Hacking workshop that will be organized in the coming week.

The participants were very energetic and enthusiastic throughout the event, running about the campus and having a lot of fun. Along with the aim of publicly announcing IEEE as a club, the event also brought together freshers of BMSCE and allowed them to interact among themselves as well as their seniors. There was a great response from the first-years and there was great feedback about the event.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”

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