WebVR(Virtual Reality) Workshop

As a part of PhaseShift 2017, BMSCE IEEE conducted the WebVR Workshop on September 15th, 2017 at MCA lab of BMSCE. The event began at 10 am and proceeded till 12 pm. The workshop fees for IEEE members was Rs 100/- and for Non-IEEE members it was Rs 150/-.

There was huge participation especially from IEEE members. 85 participants were attended this workshop. The event was held in association with Scapic, a forward thinking VR start-up company. The event started off with a talk Mr. Ajay Ponna Venkatesh, co- founder of Scapic. This was followed by a hands-on session by Mr. Akash Kuttappa, Product and Design head at Scapic. Participants were taught VR creation using A-frame.

Web VR workshop was on the concept of virtual reality and augmented reality. From workshop participants got the basic concepts of VR and how to create complex virtual reality experiences. It was an individual event. After the workshop, there was a competition in which contestants created a 3-D Scene using the tools. The two best creations was awarded.


1st Place, Akshit Bhalla, BMSCE with a SpaceX Falcon creation

2nd Place, Shreyas, BMSCE with a Panda

Event coordinator: K Sneha Priya

Report By: Sayali P. Patil Secretary BMSCE IEEE

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