Annual General Meeting 2017

BMSCE IEEE Student Branch held its Annual General-Body Meeting (AGM) on March 9, 2017. The event was open to IEEE student members and also nonmembers.

The venue and timing were fixed as BMS library auditorium and 2:00 PM. Everything proceeded as scheduled. The event went on till 6:00 PM. The 2016 activities report was presented by the immediate past Chairman, Rahul Kumar. He spoke about the activities and functioning of BMSCE IEEE. A brief overview on the activities conducted by BMSCE IEEE, like workshops and talks, was presented. He spoke about the various initiatives by BMSCE IEEE like SIGs (Special Interest Groups) for Python, AVR and Aero.

We were also told about the awards and recognition for BMSCE IEEE at the Bangalore Section level, region R10 level and also International level, for example the Darrel Chong bronze Award (2015) and silver Award (2016) for the AVR SIG. Rahul Kumar (immediate past chairman) being honored with the best volunteer for Bangalore section (2016) and website created by him was awarded second best website. After this, Dr. Suma M N, BMSCE IEEE student chapter Branch Counsellor, spoke about her experience with BMSCE IEEE and working with the student EXECOM.

Felicitation of the immediate past student EXECOM was done by Dr. Suma M N They were given certificates and mementos. The Branch Mentor, K. P. Lakshmi, spoke about her reason for volunteering to be a part of BMSCE IEEE. Previous EXECOM Yashunandan Sureka (Chairman, 2015-16), Bharathan (Vice Chairman, 2015-16) spoke about their experience with BMSCE IEEE and working with the other student EXECOMs.

Rahul Kumar, the immediate past chairman introduced new student EXECOM members. In addition to the usual posts of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Joint Secretary, there are five department SAC (Student Activities Coordinator) coordinators. Next item on the agenda was presentation by future Chairman of the student EXECOM, Prashant Agarwal. He presented a slideshow of the events and workshops which will be conducted in the next year. He spoke about introducing awards in categories like “Best Student Volunteer” and “Best PRISM article”.

By-laws were read by immediate past vice chairman Tarun Varma and secretary Pranav S. Bijapur. To quote from the By-laws:

Item 1. Definitions and Interpretation
Item 2. Aims, Purpose and Jurisdiction
Item 3. Membership and Dues
Item 4. Management
Item 5. Conduction of Meeting
Item 6. Organizing Events
Item 7. Future amendments to By-law and implementation

Finally, the distribution of certificates to students who had successfully completed the attendance requirements and passing marks of the final test for the Python programming SIG, AVR microcontrollers SIG or the Aerospace SIG were given certificates signed by the Branch Counsellor and respective Course Instructors.

A brief student EXECOM meeting was conducted in BMS library auditorium, after which all the electrical equipment was turned off and it was locked.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”