Android Workshop

The Android Workshop was organized by IEEE Bangalore section, BMSCE IEEE on 8th and 9th August, 2015. The instructors conducting the workshop were Madar Sikkandar D, Singaravelan Nallasellan and Samaga Prasanna Krishna.

The morning session of day-1 began with discussing an overview of the features and framework of Android and the reasons to choose it. This was followed by a detailing of Android architecture. Aspects of UI design, relative and linear layouts were covered. In the afternoon session, the participants had warmed up sufficiently in the topic and thus moved on to work with Android Studio. A lot of ideas were churned up in this interactive session and the participants were taught how to test the app on their phones.

Day-2 picked up from where day-1 left off and a gamut of abstract ideas for an app resulted out of the morning session. Next, the topic of Android Audio Architecture was handled by Singaravelan Nallasellan in considerable detail. Afternoon session encompassed summarizing and wrapping up what was learnt over the 2 days. A synopsis was discussed which was followed by a fun quiz. The quiz lightened up the mood and opened the platform for an open Q&A session.

Refreshments were provided at the end of each day. Overall, it turned out to be a great introductive workshop that propelled the participants towards exploring various aspects of Android architecture development. The students and faculty alike found it to be an enriching 2 days.

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