Make in India Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The event was sponsored by IEEE Young Professionals Bangalore Section, IEEE Region 10 Strategic Planning under Entrepreneurship Activities Support Funding and Aarogya Seva.

The event received around 100 applications out of which 30 were selected after vigorous round of applications and interviews. The participants of IEEE MII EB were selected from an outstanding pool of applicants after vigorous rounds of applications and interview process. They were provided with an education based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) framework of Disciplined Entrepreneurship that combined rigorous academic study with the excitement of discovery, support and intellectual stimulation in an intense immersive experience.

During the bootcamp, they were pushed to the limits, inspired, challenged by the faculties, Speakers, MIT GEB Alumni and Mentors from all over world. The participants were trained in analyzing 24 steps frame work of Disciplined Entrepreneurship discovered by Prof Bill Aulet of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Apart from the MIT GEB alumni, Abhishek Appaji, there were around 30 speakers spanning over 11 days of the bootcamp. The speakers had expertise of startup creation, startup mentoring, financials, Intellectual property, taxation, social innovation, open innovation, entrepreneurship success, Product strategy and positioning, startup culture in USA, France, Germany and UK.

The speakers/faculties/mentors from various organization including Indian Institute of Science, InnAccel, Government agency, Google, IBM, Startups, K&S Partners, IbHubs, etc. The participants were made to work on the deliverables every day on the concepts taught in the sessions and had to submit at the end of the day. On the final day, they had to pitch their venture in front of the jury consisting of mentors, real investors, VCs, Angels, Rotary club, OCEO labs, etc.
There were two teams which were announced as winners who won prize money of ₹10K and ₹5K for first and second prize respectively. The participants had overall good feedback about the bootcamp and were motivated to start a venture or to nurture their startup into seeing the path of success.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”