The Special Interest Groups are one of the facets of BMSCE IEEE that make it so popular amongst students and teachers alike. Multiple SIGs based on topics like Psychology, Aerodynamics, Python, Machine learning and more are held throughout the odd and even semesters every year.

With more than 300 concurrent students every year they are some of the most sought after student-organized and conducted “classes”. With topics such as AVR, Machine learning, python, Photoshop, Aerodynamics in Automobiles and Web Development, the SIGs encompass all technical fields and forays into the non-technical field with SIGs such as psychology and public speaking.

With 8-10 Sessions per semester for each SIG, the students are sure to learn their respective subjects in depth and at the end are given a test to gauge their understanding of the subject during its course. With certificates given to all students who pass the tests the SIGs are something that’s surely going to be on a student’s resume whether a student or a teacher.
Python is the language of the new era; the stepping stone to all the new upcoming technologies, be it Machine learning or Data Analytics. If you wish to be the technical head of your institution, this SIG is for you. Everything from the basics of programming language to the most useful python libraries will be taught to you in a manner which will remain with you forever.
Ever dreamt of creating interactive web applications? BMSCE IEEE brings to you the ‘WebDevelopment SIG’ to help you master the range of technologies which will allow you to develop high quality web sites. From the basics of HTML and CSS to React JS and MongoDB, here is your opportunity to master all of it in just a span of 7 weeks.
For students whose prime interest lies in learning about the different aircraft models and designing it, BMSCE IEEE is at your rescue. The AeroDesign SIG is designed in a way where you will learn everything from the history of aviation to the dynamics of aerospace. At the end of it, you will also get an opportunity to create a model aircraft of your own.
The skill of persuasion and the ability to win over crowd is an art. If you wish to master this art and get over your glossophobia, then this Public Speaking SIG is just the right place for you to be. Being a part of this SIG, you will be provided with the instruction, experience, and practice to develop and deliver compelling presentations/speeches.
Python is the 'most powerful language you can still read'. It is the stepping stone to all the new era technologies. Keeping this in mind, BMSCE IEEE has been conducting Python SIG since 2014, where everything from the basics of programming language to regular expressions and the various libraries were taught.
For the students whose prime interests lay in learning about the different aircraft models to designing it, Aero SIG was conducted by BMSCE IEEE. From the history of aviation to the dynamics of aerospace to designing and creating aircraft models, everything was taught.
AVR SIG is a learning group which aims to introduce the participants to the family of microcontrollers that are built on AVR architecture. The members were given the opportunity to learn about a powerful set of concepts which they used to implement a wide range of embedded systems.
This SIG was conducted keeping in mind the huge demand and popular request from students in the field of internet and system security. Students learnt the essentials of how to safely secure their system and how to hack ethically.
Nick Bostrom once said, 'Machine Learning is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.' And the truth of this statement was not lost to BMSCE IEEE. So, we conducted an ML SIG which started with the students being taught to code the various regression models, classification models and ended with giving the basics of neural networks
Aerodynamics in Automobile SIG was aimed at teaching students how to apply the principles of aerodynamics to improve vehicular design. The SIG concluded with the participants making a working real time project.
Photoshop SIG was conducted to equip the students with one of the best designing software available. It spanned over six weeks where all the intricacies of designing were taught and at the end of it, the students designed a poster.
Having a perfect grasp on designing complex web based applications is what Web Development SIG hoped to achieve. The students learnt everything from HTML to React and ended up making their own websites in the span of 7 weeks.
Knowing how the other person thinks, why he does what he does and how to convince him according to your needs is a life skill. Keeping this in mind BMSCE IEEE came forward with the idea of Psychology SIG where the scientific behaviour of brain was taught.