IEEE Xtreme
IEEE Xtreme is a 24 hour hackathon conducted by the IEEE annually for its members. It is conducted globally with more than 10,000 teams vying for the top spot every single year. The 2018 edition was hosted on the 20th of October at the B S Narayan hall with 95 participants in 48 teams. With the participants forming groups of three, the top three performers were given Xtreme t-shirts and certificates from IEEE Bangalore section.
The winners of the hackathon are awarded a free trip to an IEEE conference of their choice anywhere in the world. With complex puzzles and mind boggling cases, it isnt your average, run of the mill hackathon. With breaks in between, we make sure that the coders weren’t overburdened due to the heavy workload that the hackathon brings onto them every single year.
The event isn’t just coding, but “Xtremely” enjoyable with food and snacks given all day and night. The best part is that it comes with an opportunity to learn from seniors and juniors alike.
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