1. Preside over all meetings of the Student Branch specified in Item 5 of the Student Branch Bylaws
  2. Nominates and appoints SAC members and Student Committee members
  3. Complete annual activity report
  4. Coordinate with IEEE Bangalore section and other student branches for activities
  5. Will represent the EXECOM, which will act as custodian for all assets mentioned in Item 4 Section VI of the Student Branch Bylaws
  6. Approves and authorises financial transactions and bills (with intimation to EXECOM for larger amounts and travel expenses)
  7. Completes the following agenda for the Annual General Meet:
    1. References for important events.
    2. Presentation of Annual Activity Report.
    3. Felicitation for achievements to members.
    4. Receives all petitions for amendment of Bylaws and presents the amendments.
  1. Presides over all meeting of the Student Branch specified in Item 5 of the Student Branch Bylaws in case of the absence of the Student Branch Chairman.
  2. Helps the Student Branch Chair with all affairs of coordinating activities and management.
  1. Maintain the funds of the Student Branch and manage them in a judicious and economical way following the principles of good financial management
  2. Maintain the appropriate financial accounts
  3. Must be the signatory for any transactions of Student Branch Bank accounts
  4. Prepare the financial report
  5. Prepare the Statement of Accounts for the term as specified by Item 4 Section IV, and present the same at the Annual General Meeting
  6. Oversee all fundraising activities
  7. Consult in cases of financial benefits given to IEEE members
  1. Issue notice for the meeting organised by the Student Branch
  2. Maintains detailed minutes of all meeting of the Student Branch and circulate among other EXECOM members
  3. Responsible for preparation of the calendar of events for the Student Branch
  4. Responsible for correspondence with other IEEE bodies
  5. Maintain a separate file to keep a history of Bylaw amendments and policy decisions
  6. Prepares reports for all activities and events conducted by the Student Branch and updates the same to online accounts as specified in Item 4 Section VI of the Student Branch Bylaws
  1. Sends reports of activities and events of Student Branch on vTools.
  2. Helps the Student Chairman in regulating various operations of the Branch.
  3. In the absence of the secretary, manages the required work.