IEEE Day Celebrations

The BMSCE IEEE Student Chapter celebrated IEEE day on 10th October 2014. The Session began with the formal introduction by the chairman, followed by a brief introduction of IEEE, what it is all about and what IEEE can and is offering its members around the globe.

The branch’s faculty mentors were introduced to the students and they spoke about IEEE and its benefits and encouraged students to volunteer and become active members of IEEE. Followed by this, there was a talk on “Smart Communication Systems” by Ms Soma Pandey, ESVN Bangalore.

We also had the presence of Mr Muneer from the Bangalore Section who pumped up the audience with a lot of energy by his presence. He then hosted a short yet interesting Quiz on IEEE and also gave T-shirts to those who gave the correct answers.

Preceding this, we organized a Group Discussion contest for the members. A very interactive event in which all the members participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The competition was very vigorous among the four groups we had formed. We finally chose 10 finalists, out of which the top three were given merit certificates.

After the group discussion we had a short feedback session from the members on how and what all events should be done in the future and other general things. They gave us very valuable feedback and insights to the areas where we could improve.

The Session was concluded by a group photo, followed by snacks for everybody.

“Do Something Today that your Future Self will Thank You for”