LabVIEW Workshop

BMSCE IEEE in association with Dept. of Instrumentation Technology conducted a two-day hands-on workshop on NI LabVIEW on 13th and 14th April, 2014. It was hosted by Shashank Hegde, a final year student of Instrumentation Technology, BMSCE. The prime objective of this workshop was to make students familiar with LabVIEW’s working environment at an early stage and give them an opportunity to work around its myriad applications.

The first day of the workshop was all about getting started with LabVIEW, its immense uses, wide variety of packages, its role and applications in current electronics industry. The first session of the workshop talked about creating a simple VI project, using tools and functions and building block-diagrams. The second session was an extension of the first and it also included interfacing NI myDAQ with LabVIEW and its numerous applications.

The second day featured some of the advanced and sophisticated tools offered by LabVIEW such that voice/video recording, creating a Bluetooth chat client between android phone and laptop, controlling the applications on laptop through android by making use of Python scripting layers and LabVIEW and many other. Later that day, the students were told about the many simple and powerful uses of LabVIEW and how it can used for building brilliant projects. In all, it was a fruitful and unique experience for everyone.

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