Linux Workshop

BMSCE IEEE in collaboration with The Protocol Club of the CS Department conducted the 'Linux and Open Source Tools Workshop' on the 9th, 10th and 11th of March, 2017 in the CS Lab.

It was a hands-on workshop targeted mainly at students looking to grasp basic concepts of open source tools and the Linux operating system.

On the first day, MrsNamratha, Assistant Professor in the CS Department briefed the enthusiastic participants about the Linux architecture while engaging them in a discussion about the pros and cons of open source software. This was followed by a practical demonstration of basic Linux operations by KarthikRamanathan, a third year CS student.

On the second day, MrsSaritha, Assistant Professor in the CS Department conducted a 101 session on shell scripting. This was followed by a demo on program compilation, permissions, file operations and regular expressions by Karthik. Siddharth Dias, a final year CS student, began the final day with a discussion about the use of Open Source tools in the industry. He shared his personal experiences which was very well received by the participants. He rounded up the session with a practical demonstration of Docker, containers and LXD.

This Workshop attracted students from several departments belonging to the first, second and third years.

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