Every year BMSCE IEEE Student Branch conducts an event in UTSAV, the mega techno-cultural fest. This year we conducted the event ‘Roadrunner’ which was a line-follower-robot competition. The participants were told to bring their own materials and robots whereas we provided them with a map on which the competition took place.

The event started with the disclosure of the map. The teams were told the size and dimensions of the map. The coordinates and the path the robot had to follow were told. The teams then were given an hour’s time to code their robots according to the path told and to calibrate their sensors according to the map.

There was also a bonus test conducted as a part of the event. The test consisted of questions related to the domain of electronics and electrical engineering. The score obtained by the teams was converted into seconds (2 marks = 1 second) and then it was deducted from their final lap time. The main aim of this test was to check the knowledge and basics of the participants.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation and was a great success. Spectators, which included our college teachers, enjoyed the event and appreciated the participants and their efforts.
The event was won by SET JU College. And they were awarded a prize of ₹3000 and goodies from the apparel company RAT TRAP.

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