Workshop on Solar Energy

BMSCE IEEE Student Branch conducted a workshop on solar energy on April 6, 2017. This workshop was open everyone. Information about the workshop was circulated through email and WhatsApp messages. This event was free for all the IEEE members and ₹150/- was charged as registration from all the non-IEEE members.

This workshop was organized keeping in mind the energy shortages the world is facing. The equipment costed around ₹300 per person but they were given away for free by BMSCE IEEE to those students as a small move to encourage use of non-conventional sources of energy.

The event was held in classroom 6001 PG block, BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore from 2:00 P.M. to 5:30 PM. Everything proceeded as per schedule. A total of 25 students participated in the Workshop. The host for the workshop was Mr. Yashunandan Sureka. He is doing his 8th semester in Electronic and Communication Engineering in BMS College of Engineering.

Participants were introduced to various concepts of solar radiation and intricacies of photon and about how Solar Energy is harvested. Solar Panels were provided for the participants. The participants were informed in detail about the material used to construct solar panel and its working was also explained. They were also introduced to various concept of networks and electrical systems. They were further introduced to the topic of voltage regulation.

● To enlighten the students about the development of Solar energy, its basics and its future.
● To introduce the participants to various components and their assembly to form a complete product.

● Anxiousness among the students to know more about Solar Energy.
● Increased awareness and usage of non-conventional sources of energy

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